Who is Exway Canada?

Exway Canada was founded by a skater in Toronto in 2019. With a passion for skateboarding starting in the mid eighties and a transition to downhill long boarding in the early 2000s, this journey began with a curiosity and move to crowd funding the first majorly successful modern belt driven electric skateboard coming out of the USA in 2014.

The experience of many thousands of kilometers ridden on e-skate and close correspondence with the then nascent e-skate company laid a foundation of deep understanding of early e-skate technologies, conventions, development paths and future possibilities. However this company was already established, it was more tech than skate and had a predictable trajectory that didn’t bode well if more skate minded ideas were to be realized.

Meanwhile Exway Skateboards was forming in China around a small group of downhill skaters working at a tech company in Shenzhen, coincidentally inspired by the very same e-skate company mentioned above. Their first design released in 2018 immediately caught the eyes of the very few paying attention at the time. Their prototype was the first skate oriented design that pointed in the right direction! With much excitement an immediate connection was made with Exway, also nascent in 2018 but whose CEO was a downhill skater. The path to realization of skate minded designs and concepts became clear and with their support, Exway Canada began to form.

With years of accumulated knowledge and experience and Exway Global’s support, Exway Canada was established in Toronto in 2019 and began by offering the proto design X1 electric skateboard. Over the years Exway began pioneering designs and technologies aggressively to produce a full line of decks covering 4 categories working in close partnership with Exway Canada. The cultural make up and tightness of the two working teams has formed a truly unique basis from which our decks are designed, and supported.

Innovation and progress remain our focus and we collectively continue to develop and implement new technologies specific in their application to electric skateboarding. Being a relatively new brand in a very niche market has allowed a level of rider communication that has resulted in direct feedback and responsive implementation of design improvements and features. Exway has since established a reputation for listening to riders and responding with design upgrades that get noticed and talked about in rider communities.

Exway Canada’s mission statement is to provide the best warranty and support service for Canadian riders of Exway skateboards from a team that also rides the same decks, that takes the same falls and crashes, that have the same talks by the police for skateboarding, that get chased by dogs, etc. Ultimately we empathize and sincerely care about our riders.